Theory and Criticism
frank gehry's building
I have always loved Frank Gehry's design process as an architect and the final impact his building have made to an area, but i still strugle to agree with the philosophical or theorectical idea related to the ideas of his building, shall we say, his buildings are now a utopian ideas or just curious about forms and order....?
Eben Ankrah
frank gehry's building
It was once said that Hitler was the �Antichrist�. In a similar vein I interpret Frank Gehry buildings as exemplifying an �anti-architecture� spirit. Architecture does not need to make sense but we cannot justify nonsense.

As much as creativity is a realm where one has the �license� to generate as one wishes and feels but I think there is some minimum level of morality in architecture. We can call it �architectural morality�.

If one studies history and theory of architecture one will observe some element of rational order both in the most rudimentary and the most advanced forms of architectural expression.

If one broke a social/cultural/religious moral code in most societies, for instance, killing a fellow human being, one would be punished, if caught, by other human beings.

The only things Frank Gehry did not attempt to violate in his expression in the built forms are, among the very few, the Law of Gravity and Strength of Materials. He at least managed to transfer the load to the ground, though I am sure in some cases, with great difficulty involving complex engineering mathematics and a lot of wastage of resources.

In terms of architectural practice since the Vitruvian period and even earlier, he broke the code of �Architectural morality�. The only question architects should be asking themselves now is how to deal with him and his works.
Nyongesa Lemmy


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