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Norman foster
Norman foster a post-modern architect, I would appreciate if anyone would like to comment on his theory and philosophy and state the building which you like the most and why?
Mahrukh Mirza
Norman foster
I find that Normon Foster's designs, while being bold, are in fact extremely thoughtful about their context. His designs are somewhat organic in the way they interact with the surrounding environment, be it built (heritage structures or modern) or natural. The engagement is not limited to a macroscopic level, rather, I find there is also thoughfulness at a much more granular level. Along the same lines, his designs tend to be environmentally friendly also.

Likes incorporating exoskeletal triangular steel structures with large-scale curves and waves. Also is known for grand atrium spaces and meeting spaces not only at ground level, but throughout larger structures.

To me, it makes full sense that one of his projects won an Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Regarding a favourite project, I don't have one - there are many good ones to choose from! Luckily, being in Calgary, we have a Foster project under construction right now!
Al-Karim Walli


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