Landscape Architecture
landscape for golf course design
i am a student of final year architecture doing thesis on golf course resort, pls help me for my thesis and i have taken the landscape design is a special study for my thesis.
thank u.
Sundari Sundaridhandapani
landscape for golf course design
hi, Some of the best golf courses in the world are in rio,Brazil, australia.
would advice you also -watch out on the different golf tournaments on sports channels to get aquainted with different interventions of golf courses set up in different terrains & parameters.If you are from Mumbai,you could visit Chembur Golf crse which is 18hole, US club at navy nagar, colaba.or WIAA at mahalaxmi,which is 9 hole, yerwada ,Pune has also got a nice 18 hole course.For a golf course, the more difficult the terrain,its rated better in terms of skills in PGA tournaments.Undulations, winding stretches,natural obstacles, manmade obstacles,roughs,water hazards and placement of those do play a key role. Besides the natural environment & the location of site itself are of immense importance to derive the format of your design.hope this helps you.

Moayyed fatehi
Moayyed Fatehi
landscape for golf course design
It makes me wonder, why youve taken up such a topic for thesis, b'cos a thesis is supposed to be a research & design based project. Also you say that landscape is a special study in golf couse resort. So one wouldnt know whether the emphasis is on the resort or the golf course. pls. be specific as to what you are intending to actually focus on?
Moayyed Fatehi
landscape for golf course design
hi, there is a fabulous book on golf course architecture by dr. michael .j.hurzdan. it gives a detailed account starting from planning a golf course to maintaining the same. all the best for your thesis.
Rajini Itham Mahajan


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