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Highrise Buildings
I m going to start my Highrise Project, very soon. But I'm afraid I don't actually know much about the procedures. Which articles could help? or, Do anyone have any precious suggestion about it?
Nahid Hasan
Highrise Buildings
Firstly you haven't mentioned what will ur high rise building comprise far as i know it will obviously include offices, apatments, shopping are, parking and all that stuff, whatever.
i think its best that u read and study the works of Le Corbusier, Mies Vanderow, Or architects working today..Norman Foster, Richard Rogers. because you will get the required data from the the T.S.S but as an architect ur a designer too. Also look around, take a survey of the high rise buildings around u. But i definitely think that u should study Norman foster's work.......You'll be fascinated and learn alot. It will really help ur project.
Mahrukh Mirza
Highrise Buildings
Mies Van der Roh
Frank John Snelling
Highrise Buildings
Hello Nahid. I feel that high rise buildings are just a way of exploiting the advantages of a particular location. I mean, a lot of parties see the strategic benefit of one special land area, and will pay good money to be situated thereat. And with demand rising over a limited space, how else to develop it but upwards. Hence, the highrise structure. The height is determined by market demand and available building technolgy; tempered of course, by local zoning regulations. I suggest that you arrange an interview with a real estate developer in your area. Who knows? This can be the start of something good for you.
Benito Castiglione
Highrise Buildings
Dear Mahrukh, Frank, Benito...
Thanks for ur responce. I'll be looking forward to get more responce from u.
Nahid Hasan


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