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What does "landscape urbanism " means
hello friends,
I came across this masters in "landscape and urbanism". i was wondering as to how this course will benefit one who is looking for future in landscape. where will u be putting forth ur efforts with this course.
ALSO .. how much it is different from " landscape architecture"
Neha Rastogi
What does
Hi Neha,
Its fate that I came across your query today, I just submitted an exam paper on landscape urbanism!

Charles Waldheim states the following in relation to Landscape Urbanism:
1. Landscape as urbanism
2. Rejection of the duality/ opposition of nature and city
3. Intersections of ecology and engineering, social policy and political process
4. Landscape as a model of process

If you gain access to The Landscape Urbanism reader by Charles Waldheim, online, you will be able to read some current debate on landscape urbanism.

The basic premise is that landscape forms the framework for generating urbanism.

this thinking evolved mainly as a response to dealing with large post industrial landscapes that emerged in north america and europe.

some notable examples of landscape architecture is the boston emerald necklace project by olmsted, or the freshkills landfill design by field operations and the downsview park competition by rem koolhas.

landscape is no longer considered just an aesthetic art or as an end product - design of space leftover by architecture, but as the main framework that emerges through a reading of the many visible and invisible layers of the territory.

this discourse is very relevant in india today... in urban and rural areas... - lurb addresses issues of water management, urban water, urban agriculture, urban-rural hybrid etc etc...

so do consider it!

wow! that was a thesis i poured out there!

best of luck
Devangi Ramakrishnan
What does
thanks devangi.. it was a nice precise explanation..
I was looking forward for MA in LANDSCAPE URBANISM from AA school, london.. Have you ever gone through the content they teach
Neha Rastogi
What does "landscape urbanism " means
hi neha...
i came across the same thing on the website of the same school u mentioned...
i was just wondering ...what did u do finally??did u take up this course??
u must have completed your masters by now??what job have you taken up now??
Ruchira Gaur
What does "landscape urbanism " means
Devangi, Landscape Urbanism sounds more like "regenerating urban space" rather than generating urban space. The USA seems more prone to the "urban blight" caused by one-industry towns collapsing when the industry ends; like the former Gold-Mining towns abandoned when the gold runs out.

Another parallel is the way supermarket chains have virtually killed off the traditional small shops and stores, with many of these empty propoerties becoming charity shops, before "regenerating" as shops with trendy, non-essential products.

In fact, "landscape urbanism" has been around since the dawn of time, because towns always arise on trade routes and any decline is eventually reversed if these locations remain on the trade routes and can therefore subsist through lean times on the passing traffic and casual trade.

Here in Britain, this subject has been regarded as being archaeological because after the ancient Romans conquered Britain they put in place over a number of centuries a well-founded physical infrastructure of roads and towns which fell into disuse and decay after the withdrawal of the Roman legions. However, gradually these long-abandoned towns were repopulated, although the original facist gridlock pattern of Roman urban streets was overlaid by a `palimsest` of a variable and often chaotic layout of roads, streets and alleyways. :)))
Frank John Snelling
What does "landscape urbanism " means
Hi Niha

This is a very interesting topic if you follow what is happening in America in the field of architecture and urbanism. Landscape urbanism is a new American movement in urbanism led by Harvard Graduate School of Design as their answer to the New Urbanism movement that dominated urbanism thinking in America for the last 15 years. The principal concept of landscape urbanism is that urbanism must respect nature rather than wipe it out in the process of urbanization. Thus, it seems to me landscape urbanism has a very limited area of application as cities around the world are being (densified) and compacted for reasons such as the raped increase of urban population and as higher densities allow for more sustainable urban environment. Landscape urbanism approach seems unavoidably result in low density urban environment, more suitable for those unique and exclusive type of projects.

During the last New Urbanism conference (June 2011), Charles Waldheim of Harvard Graduate School of Design was invited to speak and put forward his case and argument for landscape urbanism, then Andres Duany, a new urbanist leading figure, respond to Waldheim arguments. You may listen to Waldheim speech and Duany response in KunstlerCast; a podcast features the urbanist/author James Howard Kunstler. Kunstler also makes many interesting remarks regarding the Waldheim speech and Duany response.
Go to this link:

And select (EPISODE ARCHIVE) from the menu. Then you will find Waldheim speech and Duany response in episodes 164 and 165. Also you will find many related links.
Faisal Hamid


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