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journalist seeking architect/client stories
Hello. I am a freelance writer looking for a story for a large circulation US magazine. The publication is devoting an issue to the passion that owners feel for their homes.

I am trying to find a story about a home owner in Europe who is very passionate about the vision for their house and as a result may have had a falling out with one or more architects or had on-going conflicts with their neighbors over the design/construction of the house or overcome incredible obstacles to stick with a design or really any other issue that can arise out of the single-minded passion for a home's design.

If you have a story that you think might work (and you think the client would be happy to speak with me as well), please send me an email at

Thank you.
Jim Rendon
journalist seeking architect/client stories
I know a really big old architect who got a wonderlfull live, and nobody wrote his story. I was in his lace tree weeks ago, in south of France.
Pascal Baudoux
journalist seeking architect/client stories
it's over the era of old better big better. we have to get out from our traditionalist thinking (with all the respect to tradition)...
a passionate designer shouldn't be old age-wise or big in hight to be able in designing a mindful enjoying home of course with client! i know an Italian Architect Lui Galati who is very much artist.
Mark White
journalist seeking architect/client stories
Hi Jim,
I'm an architect and writer as you are. I based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In here, some expatriat have house which built by local achitect. I think, most of the house very unique, personal and vernacular. I have sent you some photos of it by email.
Danu Primanto


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