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landscape design in urban areas
my name is rebekah. im in my final yr as an architecture student and im doin a thesis on redevelopment of urban parks thru landscape design. my proposed site is quite small and right in the middle of three major can i design a park that can maximize the small space at the same time minimize the effects of carbon emission from cars?should i use vegetation as a buffer or should i use concrete?please help.
Rebekah Lois Zafra
landscape design in urban areas
hi, rebeka,
A-maximizing smal space:
it is not easy to commend in absent of a site map and location. however, there are some tips to maximize the useage of space: 1-analyse the roads and accessibility to the park either by car or by walk. 2-define your main entrance which should be most accessible by walk. 3- define parking area if necessary. 4- define list of functions according to your program. draw functional relationship diagram, and then bubble diagram. 5- define your design concept, and then go for design and layout of your park.
B-Minimizing emission:
use of veggetation buffer is best to reduce Carbon emission because it can absorb co and co2. concrete cannot absorb pollution and is not good for that purpose, however, it can prevent traffic noise. use of water in shape of water jet and and spray also can help to create nice atmosphere and absorb emission to some degree.
3-but you should always think that problems should be dealt with at source. we must think about reducing emission from the starting points(cars, industries, etc...) and try to find solution for them as well. i.e, can some of these three roads be restricted by car use? can some of them be diverted or cane be transfered to a pedestrian?
I hope this can help
Moh Masnavi
landscape design in urban areas
There is a book written by Kaplan.S., Kaplan.R. and Ryan.R.L. (1998) called With People in Mind: design and management of everyday nature.

Hope you can get some idea of how to maximise or minimise space especially through natural elements.
Yu Yang
landscape design in urban areas
What about a Hanging Garden? (ref: ancient Babylon) In other words, a garden that is raised above or higher than the roadways. This naturally lessens vehicle CO and CO2 gases.
Frank John Snelling
landscape design in urban areas
I agree with Frank. I'd suggest to look at the projects that Mr. Shahneshin, landscape architect and his team do. They combine the conventional park design with the vertical natural green spaces 'parks'.
Good luck
Mark White
landscape design in urban areas
rebekah can you please help me in my dissertation
Simran Kaur


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