Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
I want to do site design in the urban setting. I would like to design and map out parks and public places in cities. I am also interested in designing zero-energy buildings. For these reasons I feel I should be a landscape architect rather than an architect. However, after all my research, it seems that the architect has much more authority when it comes to designing urban landscapes than the landscape architect. I would do a bachelor of landscape architecture but i get the feeling that landscape architects don't design landscapes anymore but just do plantings. I would rather be safe than sorry by getting a bachelor of architecture but I feel I am more interested in landscapes and the beauty of the environment. I have ruled out studying urban planning. Should I work towards a Bachelor of Architecture or a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture? Thanks for your help.
Dave Myers
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
The main thing is to interrogate the syllabi of various institutions and see if they hae what you aspire for. You may do Architecture first at undergraduate level, at Masters undertake landscape architecture. Many people do this. You may also consider Urban Design at Masters level.
Bernard Mugwima
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Training to consider the shape and climatic impact of the land can be priceless. But to combine building shape and placement in a way that works with the land may require architectural training. I think that it is a rare office where both architecture and landscape architecture are combined. Personally, I am a landscape architect with building design experience. I work as a volunteer with a non-profit organization under the direction of engineers or architects and have more freedom to combine both arts. If I was working on US projects, my input would be much more limited. Architectural training may be the best entrance into the work that you describe. I would look for a program that emphasizes climate responsive design.
Patricia Stouter


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