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Nine Square Grid
What is the Nine Square Grid!!!!!!!
we where asked in the school to start designing a house for an artist on the nine square Grid concept, we should choose the charecter for this artist and based on his Charecter we should come up with a concept to design him a house...
so could anyone give me any idea to start workin on it!! cz i cant think of somthing really good!!
Maha Tayyeb
Nine Square Grid
Maha, Ice-Cubed? (as in three-cubed) :)
Frank John Snelling
Nine Square Grid
AbdulJaleal Nasreddin
Nine Square Grid
I would do some research on Peter Eisenman and you can check out this:

Tofan Rafati
Nine Square Grid
my artist is illusionist
Maha Tayyeb
Nine Square Grid
It may be out of the topic, but
I am living in "Nine Square Grid House", by Mr. Shigeru Ban.
Kazumasa Murai
Nine Square Grid
That looks like an interesting concept by Ban San... Maybe you should post some pictures...
Sonny Yip


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