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Ideologies of MLA programs
Can anyone speak to the effects that different schools' ideologies have on the abilities and marketability of graduating students? (ie, would someone graduating from RISD vs. VA Polytech be at an advantage in an employer's eyes, or vice versa?)

I am concerned that some programs favor the artistic or the technical aspects of the practice at the expense of the other. Are there any schools noted for their balance of the two? Or, does anyone have an opinion about which aspect (artistic vs. technical) is more important in actual practice?

Thank you in advance!
Mandy Gray
Ideologies of MLA programs
weLL I m doing my MLA at RISD, providence, and It being a design school allows your to explore the subjective artist within you, but it also understands the social responsibility of the profession in creating the ecosystem...i find this a critical balance to be achieved.
Atisha Varshney


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