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Gamal Bakry
Gamal Bakry is one of the few Egyptian architects who makes special trials to achieve a balanced solution between the Egyptian heritage and the contemporary architectural product. Another characteristic of Gamal Bakry's architecture is the huge variance in the conclusions of the criticism of his projects from the architecture society in the Arab world.
Shady Youssef
Gamal Bakry
Thanks Shady for this posting. In fact, it is critical to start to discuss and debate the work and biography of architects from the Middle East, Far East, Indian-Sub Continent, Central Asia, and Africa. Also, this might be a good input to the new project announced by Archnet toward developing an Islamic Architecture Data Base.

Yes, Gamal Bakry's attempts to develop contemporary interpretations of the past are remarkable. Although the number of his built projects is not large compared to the number of designs he produced and the competitions he won, they were very controversial, influential, and stimulated many intellectual discussions in several architectural cricles in Egypt. To me, Gamal Bakry stands out amongst other masters of the developing world. He has the vision to abstract the cultural history of Egypt and root the present and the future into the past.

Medina Magazine, distributed in Egypt, has dedicated its last issue to exhibit and critique the work of Bakry.Medina Magazine-Issue 21 In this issue several articles of Dr. M. El Razzaz, Dr. K. Asfour, Dr. A. Salama, Arch. Tammy Gaber elaborated on his work and debated his endeavors. You can download all the articles from Archnet Digital Library

Also, one of my articles published on his work can be found in Architecture+, Dubai, UAE (October 2002) titled: Gamal Bakry: Master of Aesthetic Components. You can download the draft of the article before it has been edited
Gamal Bakry: Half a Century of Dedication and Innovation
Ashraf Salama
Gamal Bakry
Dear Dr. Ashraf
Gamal bakry's work..have a very contradictory images..which makes a conflicting vision to the receiver of his architectural product..BUT I LIKE IT ALL
Shady Youssef
Gamal Bakry

Dear Shady,

Hi there,


I agree with you about admiring Gamal Bakry's works, and agree with Dr. Ashraf about ranking Mr. Bakry as one of the masters for developing countries and arab countries in general.


I'd like to emphasize on his architectural language which reflects a very deep character which's trying - as in fact is - to be a unique one, and this unique comes from the deep understanding for our identity and how one can express it in the 20th century and the 21st century.


Gamal Bakry - If I can say - can be a Landmark for us students/architects/planners for what we should be: to be unique, not just a copy and paste, which is un fortney everywhere as a result of the misunderstanding of architecture as " short cut for being rich/famous by establishing a series of resorts/tourist villages/house buildings. ", which I can called it for short: Architecture for the Foul.


Finally, I've a question: is the $400,00,000 Science Museum can be listed under the category One Day in Future i.e. to have the opportunity to be established, or it'll be lsted under the category of One Day in History like his famous circular residential steel tower in Zamalek which has suspended since 1980s ?!


Please Call me on 0900-0900 ( phone ) or 9999 ( mobile ) for voting :-)


Wishing you all the best,

Good luck,


Hicham Maged
Gamal Bakry
Dear Hicham,
Do you think that the suspended famous circular residential steel tower in gamal bakry's RESPONSIBILITY ! ..I don't think so..
Shady Youssef
Gamal Bakry
Yes, Shadi. According to Bakri himeself, the suspended famous circular residential steel tower in Zamalek is his design.
Galal Abada
Gamal Bakry
In fact i don't know what is the reason of this suspension..but i expect that it is a perocratic deals...not architectural wise factors..
Shady Youssef
Gamal Bakry
Dear Hicham ,
I came accross this discussion forum and i was instantly surprised by the way you described the works of Architect Gamal Bakry to be based on deep understanding of our identity, can you please explain whose identity you mean, and how for God sake is he expressing it?
Karim Elgendy
Gamal Bakry

Dear Karim,



Our Identity - in my opinion - equals trying to find an architectural language that's - somehow - based on our culture. It doesn��t mean to copy and past in so it's very clear in the building, but if we research deep we can find it.


To explain more, I can say that the cultural background is found in the designer's mind.... for example Dr. Farouq al-Gohary - the very famous Egyptian architect now a days - said he began to make his own architectural style by re-studying Islamic Architecture and take something from it, then beside his studying for the western architecture and by experiences and years he could develop it to create his own language, and what he took from the Islamic Architecture is the ( Arch ).


With Gamal Bakry the same, I mean our culture to be built-in if this expression is right, then trying to create your own language, based on your character, cultivation, education ...etc. I don't deny that Mr. Bakry had had 2 sides: with and against him, and that's normal because you can't make people with you 100%.


It's not necessary to find some copy of the architecture of the past in the architecture of today, as we can't make like old architecture, but we can have its spirit, in new language according to the architect's background. And hey we must also differentiate between dealing with a historic place and building new one.


Also as I mentioned above, he is not just a copy and past architect/planner, indeed he's trying to be unique, and I hope that we young people can be like 1/8 of his talent and creativity one day , even if many of us don't like his work, but still many other like, so what important - from my point of view - is the trend to be something, not just to be for exact like everyone else.


Please read the article mentioned by Dr. Ashraf at the top, and see the links donated by Shady on the top too for more information, and also see the last issue of Medina which was about him.


And at last: we are all trying to learn, as no one had been born a scientist or architect.


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NB: ArchNet Admini had fixed the problem with My Files and they are now downloadable :)


Whishing you all the best,

Good Luck,


Hicham Maged


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