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Asian Philosophy and Theories
Hi all,

I would like to know is there any philosophies and theories of architecture in the point of view of asians which I can read about? Can anyone here recommend?

And I would like to know if there is similarity or difference between eastern countries and the western in the way of thinking about architecture, the perceptions of space-time etc. Do recommend me some sources of reading. Thanks.
J Lim
Asian Philosophy and Theories
J Lim, Do you mean Asia as a whole? and where do you draw the line between eastern countries and western countries?
Frank John Snelling
Asian Philosophy and Theories
Hello Jim, You must have heard about Feng-Shui, there's a similar science of building design in India called Vaastu Shastra.

One strong similarity in the History of Eastern and Western Architecture is the Geometry be if followed in Plans or in Elevations. Both followed Sacred Geometries and proportions in regard and with respect to the Living creatures and the Cosmic forces that act on the Earth and its beings.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
Asian Philosophy and Theories
Thanks Sriraj Gokarakonda.

Hi Frank John Snelling. I do not mean to draw the line in between, but just curious about the thoughts from both, whether it is a similarity or difference at some point, as in the source of reading from the asian's(as a whole) way of thought is limited for me.
J Lim
Asian Philosophy and Theories
J Lim, I think there is vast difference between conceptual viewpoints of the west and east.

Eastern philosophies tend to follow principles, axioms, maxims,etc which encapsulate thought into short pithy sayings. The Western equivalent was fables, allegories and analogies.

But Western thought is more geared to blindly following each and every utopian ideology to logical but absurd conclusions.

Therefore serious problems arise when asian thinkers are immersed in western thought and then try to replicate an ideology all the way to the bitter end.

The problem lies in the fact that each and every human language has an integral logic which filters reality in unique and different ways. Thus, eastern principles which tend to allow freedom of choice can pass from one language to another without too much damage, but Western ideologies which limit or even exclude the freedom of choice do damage upon translation.
Frank John Snelling
Asian Philosophy and Theories
Hi J Lim, With the Point of View of Asians, try reading a book on Architecture by Konemann called 'Islam, Arts & Architechture'. I hope you will find a lot of answers in there and comparisions of Architectural ways of Asia, Africa & Europe,, though just the Islamic Architecture.
Haseeb Siddique Shaikh
Asian Philosophy and Theories
Hi J Lim, try this book:

Chinese Conception of Space
by Li Xiaodong and Yeo Kang Shua
2007, China Architecture and Building Press
ISBN: 978-7-112-09192-8
Sadiq Javer


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