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Thesis help
I am trying to bring my areas of interest together for my thesis, however I am having a hard time coming up with a topic.
I am interested in contemporary landscape architecture design, urban plazas, Latin America culture ( I am from Colombia), therapeutic landscape design (Memorials), public landscapes in North America, Europe and Latin America.
Any ideas ??
Karen Harter
Thesis help
Hello Karen,

Are you familiar with Samir Kassir Square, in Beirut? It is a public urban space in the form of a garden memorial with a reflecting pool.

Although Beirut is outside of your region of interest, it is sometimes thought of as similar to European cities due to its modern history, coastal Mediterranean location, and cosmopolitan culture.

You can read more about the Square on the Aga Khan Award for Architecture webpage for the Tenth Award Cycle. Click the "Background information" link and you can download a PDF that details the 2007 Award Recipients.

ArchNet Administrator


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