Landscape Architecture
Historic urban development of rivertowns
Dear friends,
My thesis subject aims to research riverfronts landscape design and I have to find some rivertowns and their Historic urban development.Can you suggest any literatures related to this subject.How can ı find them.

Gülcan Canik
Historic urban development of rivertowns
What about Istanbul and its waterfront?
(not quite a "rivertown", but almost)
Beautiful and very interesting.
Ben Huser
Historic urban development of rivertowns
I have to generalize the thesis title as 'Historic urban development of rivertowns'.So I have to give examples from the rivertowns....
Gülcan Canik
Historic urban development of rivertowns
Gulcan, What about London (England)? Paris(France)? Berlin(Germany)? Prague? Toledo (Spain)? Moscow (Russia)? Budapest(Hungary)? Cairo (Egypt)?

In fact many cities around the world are located either on the banks of main rivers or on the estuary / delta (place where the river meets the sea).
Frank John Snelling
Historic urban development of rivertowns
Thanks Frank,

I want to mention about these cities that you suggested but I only found the historical development of London with the project of Docklands but I could not find any sources about another cities that you mentioned.I have to some literatures explaining the development of rivertowns..Because I will use them in introduction of my thesis...but thanks to write these names of rivertowns because they will be useful for me ..
Gülcan Canik
Historic urban development of rivertowns
hi. i am not aware of historic towns in other parts of world, but in india there are many historic towns and cities developed as river towns which are hundreds to thousand years old and still have a magical feel to it.
few of them are
Meehaj Thakkar


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