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water towers
Does anyone know whether the architecturally prominent water towers in the past were lined internally to prevent leakage and staining or was the concrete relied entirely upon for this?

There is nothing in the BS on this but the new eurocode asks for the lining.
Rade Batinica
water towers
Rade, I would say that lead was used to line water tanks from the last centuary or maybe the one before.

My mother told me that it was normal practice to run water from the tap for a minute or two to clear the standing water which would have a higher content of lead absorbed from the lead pipes used here in Britain.

Given that it was standard practice in Turkey in the 1990s and later both not to use plugs and to allow water to run continually from the old water tanks, I assume these tanks were similarly lined with lead.

Possibly tin or zinc (galvanised) is used to line iron or copper metal tanks, but I too would like to know what was used for concrete tanks?
Frank John Snelling


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