Landscape Architecture
phd thesis / help!!!
Hello, I am defining my Phd thesis in landscape design and I really need help. Since I'm on very beginning, I have two ideas that suite me most.

1. I am interested in design of open space that refers to skateboard parks - in which way colours, forms, sounds etc. stimulate creativity in that space.

2. My other idea is design of open space for so-called Internet generation as users. I would discuss about quests that such place should satisfy according to their needs.

Now, I need some advice about way in which I could expand this research. Also, which one of these ideas is better?

Thank you:-)
Nena Pavlovic
phd thesis / help!!!
hello. i like the second topic, about open space for internet generation. you can explore from characters of the user. what makes they are different from previous generation and what is the effect for the space (include the design). goodluck.
Meea Wulan
phd thesis / help!!!
i agree with is new age futuristic as and thesis is supposed to be the stepping stone of new and better...regards.
Dushyant Nathwani
phd thesis / help!!!
Hello Nena. Both ideas are interesting.
For the first one, why not check out this book by Prof. Iain Borden of The Bartlett, University College London, "Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body", (Oxford, Berg, 2001). 318pp. ISBN 1859734936 (pb) 185973488X (hb).
Rashidah Ab. Rahman


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