Theory and Criticism
cyberspace vs physical space
Hi guys ,,I am always think about how new technology of communication makes us lack of physical communication which is very important to the human being ,actually the new technology create cyber space by using internet ,face book,tweeter and all of the new tech. .so could we create or transform the cyber space to the physical one or maybe create some thing in between ?Sacred space created in church ,Mosque and it is kind of cyber space or maybe it is some thing in between it has both physical and virtual communication.So what do you think
this is my thesis so pleas any one has a good information or suggest any reading book or articles ,that will help me a lot..thanks
Husam Khrazz
cyberspace vs physical space
city of Bits
by: William J. Mitchell

Good Luck
Furqan Khatri
cyberspace vs physical space
Refer magazines that ll help u lot !!! and moves u to next step! I A&B, .....
Santhoshi Kiruba Subbaraj


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