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Talking Sign in city environment.
anyone can give me some suggestion or ideas for my thesis writing? this is my first time to write thesis.
Sze Qin Chung
Talking Sign in city environment.
Sze, I am not quite sure what you mean by "talking sign in city environment" but it reminded me Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia).

In Prague, in the older parts of the city, there are small images above street level on street corners. These images were probably put up in several hundred years ago in the Medieval period, because most of the people were illiterate and so these images allowed people to navigate their way from through the city streets.

In a similar way, here in England, all of the businesses and tradesmen once had signs above their shops (Cobblers, Blacksmiths, Bakers, Pawnbrokers,etc) and this custom remains with picture signs outside inns (travel hostels), alehouses, etc.

Today,of course there are signs above almost every shop and business and quite a few have illuminated signs.
Frank John Snelling
Talking Sign in city environment.
Thank you for your recommendation. I will use it for my thesis reference.
Sze Qin Chung


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