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Hi, I am a member of the City of Sanford, North Carolina's Historic Preservation Commission. Mr. Robert B. Cridland designed a local development, McIver Park, and I'm trying to gather information, specifically about his design of the 3 acre park in the development. We don't have any of Mr. Cridland's notes, but do have an original plat for the development circa 1925. But there is little detail for the park.

I'm wondering if some university or other library may have archived Mr. Cridland's papers after his death. And if so, I'd like to see if there are any notes for the McIver Park development.

Does anyone know if Mr. Cridland's papers were ever archived, and where?

Thank you,

Al Roethlisberger
Albert Roethlisberger
Archives for Robert B. Cridland
Albert, try the local newpaper archives for information on the construction dates (to - from) and see if any contractors are named.
Frank John Snelling


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