Theory and Criticism
Dynamic Architecture
Hi everybody,
Few days ago I started thinking about Dynamism in architecture. Since then, I was searching on internet to find out what it is and what are the examples of this kind. So far, the materials I found are the ones that showcase Dynamism only in moving part of the building. However I believe this topic is much vaster and moving parts of building is just one simple interpretation of it.
Here I want to have the opportunity to hear your opinions and experiences in this regard.

Hope this topic become benefitial for everyone!
Khashayar Zandyavari
Dynamic Architecture
Khashayar, Given that dynamic (as opposed to static) refers to energy flows and movement. Do you mean dynamic as the movement of whole designs? or dynamic movement of parts of designs? or dynamic as any part (including the whole) of a design?
Frank John Snelling
Dynamic Architecture
khashayar, what do you mean by 'dynamic architecture'?..what are you looking for actually...are you looking dynamic architecture in built forms or dynamic architecture's impact on one's(human) mind ; that is experience ....??? It is very important to identify..then and then you can expand your view and get a direction
Dhara Desai
Dynamic Architecture
frank, i am doing my thesis on 'perception of space through movement as a tool' it is all about flow /movement of design.
so do you have any thing regarding me out.
Dhara Desai


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