Professional Practice
Professional Accreditation
Would the implementation of a professional
accreditation system for architects and planners
in Egypt feasible, how, and who shall be in
charge of that?
Ragaei Abdelfattah
Professional Accreditation
Ragaei: This is a question that implicitly involves technical and political
aspects. The architectural section of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers
is not, of course, capable of doing this accreditation, They are only concerned with social and health services for architects and engineers, and forgot about their original tasks. On the other hand, the Society of Egyptian Architects is only a registered sicentific society that has no power at all in initiating change. I believe the WHO question is not answerable. A reconideration of the structure, capacity and power of professional organizations is thus clearly on the rise. The answer to HOW question will be easy only when we reach the time of restructuring
these organizations. I apologize for this pessimism, since I among others have been talking about this issue through my involvement with the UIA Education Committee and the Professional Practice Advisory Board, during the last six years. A lot of efforts have been made at the conceptual level. These did not go beyond proposals and nothing has
been implemented. The weakness of architects within the egnineering
community is also another issue that needs to be addressed. I would say with the full implementation of GAT and GATTS treaties,
professional organizations will be forced to initiate and implement change, otherwise expatriate professionals will take over, and local professionals will have no chance to practice because they did not follow the international standards and the recognized accreditation systems such as RIBA and AIA. I finally would like to ask WHO REALLY CARES??
Ashraf Salama


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