Landscape Architecture
Nature as healing tool
i am doing research on transition of human nature (from restlessness to peace)and i want to achieve it through nature. Do not mix it with spiritual journey, my main focus is on nature.i would be very grateful if anyone can recommend me good case studies,thesis ,reports ,ideas,articles etc anything.

thank you :)
Saima Syed
Nature as healing tool
Saima, what do you define as human nature?
Frank John Snelling
Nature as healing tool
i think you should see the 'Nari Gandhi's'
work.the way it merg with nature is totally different
Raj Patel
Nature as healing tool
Saima, nature is like the sea, if you abuse nature, it will be unforgiving.

Overall (in modern terms) nature is composed of environment and climate which breaks down into sustainable species of creatures with sustainable habitats and sustainable ecologies.

But, as humans (so far) are the only known sentient species, then any application of the rules which govern other species to humans causes unnecessary problems, and vice versa, the anthropomorphization of animals is for the amusement of children, not adults.

Similarly, on the current evidence, the human species has little or no comprehension either of sustainable habitats or sustainable ecologies, because the notion that humanity can expand forever at the expense of all other species is as irrational as the behaviour of non-sentient species.
Frank John Snelling


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