Professional Practice
Architectural Practice
There,s alot sensitivity and keen approaches
about architectural education! is there any one
who really knows about the general condition of
the profession after education and tells me the
reasons of disregard towards architect and
architectural practice ,also I wonna know that
this condition is same all over the world or it
only be the part of weak economical states which
are generally termed as third world countries.
Muhammad Kamran Ansari
Architectural Practice
kamran, the question itself is very sensitive.
once you are out of the academics you don't take time to understand where you stand.
everyone knows about the conditions of practice, but many times don't admit the darker side of it.architectural practice is also a business, but not only business!
often in the design schools we are not made aware of the fact that we have to sell our talent..rather market it.
i come from india, and i can tell you that architectural practice here is business.
the succesful architects have achived the golden mean of business and profession.
i appreciate them.
but i do not agree that there is disregard.
eventhough there is you as an architect should not let anyone do that....for the better cause of the architectural society.
Archana Mandlik
Architectural Practice
I agree with Archana, but also why doesn't the university acknowledge the business part of Architecture?
Marwan Ghandour


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