Professional Practice
Architects in Construction, Project Management
Do Architects need to seasoned themselves in construction,Project Managment to be more perfect in their work.
Syed Arif Shah
Architects in Construction, Project Management
Yes they do. I say this out of personal experience, having done a MSc. in Construction Management after i finished ny BSc. in Architecture. By doing so, u learn how to be a better, more 'practical' architect and hopfully know how to run big projects and your own office in turn.
Beshoy Girgis
Architects in Construction, Project Management
Mr Beshoy is this implied that Bachelor level studies with concentration of Architecture only are not good enough for being practical or curriculam in general needed to be reviewed in this light or simply formal studies in construction at post graduate level are a supplement to enhance an individuals skills as an Architect.
Syed Arif Shah


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