Landscape Architecture
Who gets the first call?
hey, honestly , i think Landscape architects often get a raw deal. in a typical project the Landscape architect often comes when construction is complete to do basic landscaping yet the profession covers site analysis and planning. The construction being an element on the Landscape should be subject to The LAs Analysis and Plans. What do you think?
Hosea Omole
Who gets the first call?
i agree that landscape architects at times introduced late to the site, concious planeers involve them at master plan development brief as well in the process of final draft development is team i see them involved right from the biginning.
Dushyant Nathwani
Who gets the first call?

Dear Hosea,

Hello there.


I totally agree with you, but this situation - as you know - is wrong because I think that Landscape is not just a decorative issue for a project, it's rather a designing tool to highlight on the architect's idea in forming the place, and in other words I consider Landscape as a background for human activities to be applied in a space. So dealing with landscape in it's general scope ( plantation, climate, street furniture, colors, water ��etc ) is very important to take in consideration from the early stages of any project.


Finally, I think the one who gets the first call is the contractor :-)


Wishing you all the best,

Good Luck,


Hicham Maged


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