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I've been trying to get a good (in the class of Autocad and Archicad) landscape design software with terrain modelling capabilities. Landscape architecture is quite new here (Kenya) and these programmes are few. Any ideas?
Hosea Omole
Landscape software

Try a programme called "bryce 5"; it's nice in doing terrains, and landscaping is great in it, and there are a lot of tutorials on the net.
Marwa Yousef
Landscape software

Dear Hosea,

Hello there.


I don't know too much about this topic, Bryce - which is suggested by Marwa above - is a good one, but in addition I'd like to list the following software, which I'd heard about them from some magazines:-

I think any Landscape Architect can be more useful and specific to tell what program is better then one.


Wishing you all the best,

Good Luck,


Hicham Maged
Landscape software
Hi Hosea

This message is not an exact reply to your query, but I would like to know about landscape architecture in Kenya.
Raju Manchakkal Thupran
Landscape software
All other software is very specialised in gardening and topographical design.
Why do not try Microstation? It is very simmilar to Autocad but designed specifically for planning design.
Pepe Arenas
Landscape software
If you are associated with an educational institution, I would recommend the Educational version of Alias's Maya 6.5 Unlimited. It is a $6,000 piece of SW discounted for educational use to about $500. It is an unbelievably powerful modeling/rendering/animating tool if you are willing to climb the fairly steep learning curve.
Daniel Owen
Landscape software
If you want to try a fully professional Autocad Landscaping add-on, try

Novapoint is a suite of modules that does roadplanning, terrain modelling, and maps, land use landscape, and much more.

The landscaping module can produce quantity lists and make plants in row patterns, etc.; very useful.

Gisle Totland


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