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College for landscape design
Hi Chikako,

So can you tell me any college. I have a friend who told me that not all good universities have good landscape departments. Its only a few universities that are well known for specifically landscape. Can you suggest how should I opt for colleges because still I've got time and want to keep my options open.

Nista Dugar
College for landscape design
Hi Nista,

Are you looking into landscape design studies in any/all countries? I can contribute some ideas in regards to US schools...

Chikako Sassa
College for landscape design
as i know CEPT has good landscape dept. it can be one of ur options.
Parmanand Sinha
College for landscape design
Hi Nista,

Sorry this got to be late!

I'll list some notable schools in the US (particularly in the New England area) that offer excellent Landscape Architecture programs:

* Harvard Design School: Master in Landscape Architecture -- 2 years, excellent faculty, access to a state-of-the-art academic facility and resources all over the Harvard University campus.

* University of Pennsylvania: Bachelor/Master of Landscape Architecture -- 3 years hands-on training, fully accredited, legacy of Ian McHarg.

* Conway School of Landscape Design: 10-month intensive program for a Master of Arts in Landscape Design degree.

* University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Masters of Landscape Architecture

* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs

University of California at Berkeley: Master of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

* University of Washington: Bachelors and Masters of Landscape Architecture programs

I am SURE there are more programs that I'm not aware of as yet, so if I come across any others I'll definitely let you know. Good luck!

Chikako Sassa
College for landscape design
so looking for landscape i think chennai also has a new landscape course which i have heard is good so is the SPA delhi so think over, good luck
Vinay Kushwah


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