Landscape Architecture
Al-Azhar Park, Cairo
I am currently researching the parallel conditions that exist between the excavated wall and Darb Al-Ahmar, in terms of an image of a celebrated artifact on the park side and a utilized piece of structure redefined over time within the informal settlement. I am curious, especially, about the "links" between the park and the neighborhood and how regulation of passage will be determined, i.e. how much will be charged, how will tourists interact with the neighborhood, will there be guided tours?
Additionally, I wonder who will use the park and if the wall will remain a barrier for the local population, or if the park will be able to be integrated into daily life. I would appreciate any insight into any current debates surrounding this project. Thank you.
Katice Helinski
Al-Azhar Park, Cairo
Hi Katice,

The Progress Report on the AKDN website has some information on how the park will be run. The report mentions that the entrance fee will be higher for foreigners than Egyptians and that Darb al-Ahmar residents and children will receive discounts.
Hussein Charania
Al-Azhar Park, Cairo
The project is really very significant and unique. I would like to note that an international seminar on the significance of the Park and its relationship with the rehabilitation of Darb Al Ahmar, the adjacent neighborhood, and the restoration of the eastern wall, will be held on the next day following the inauguration of the Park, end of May 2004. It would be meaningful if you can participate in the seminar discussions. Contact the Aga Khan Trust for Culture or the Aga Khan Cultural Service-Egypt for information, if you like.
Galal Abada
Al-Azhar Park, Cairo
I appreciate the information. I was wondering if you could provide some insight into the way in which the project is being received in Cairo? It is difficult for me to grasp the relationship being created between park and community from afar, though I sense that this project is unique, and is, therefore, setting up relationships that are new not only to the community, but to the wall itself. How is the neighborhood currently understood? Is that changing? Thanks.

Katice Helinski


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