Landscape Architecture
I am lost in landscape design
I am lost man in landscaping design. I have a master degree in landscape architecture from Egypt and I am trying to get my Ph.D. in the same branch. So I want some help from you please if you can.

My question is: Is there in the USA or other countries, any manual or design books or codes for public garden design in different climates. If there is, how I can get it? [I mean codes on how I can chose plant and water percent, shade percent, social uses]

Sorry for my long message and for my weak English. Please help me. Thank you.
Walid Shoora
I am lost in landscape design
I am taking a course in landscape design this semister so I can feel your pain. You can try to look at two useful books:

1. Planting Design, by Theodore D. Walker

2. Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture, by Charles W. Harris (Contributor), et al (Hardcover )
Marwa Yousef
I am lost in landscape design
1. Time saver standards

2nd option is the Achitectural Graphics Standard book or you can have it on CD from anywhere. If it is not available you can take it from me as well I've got a copy of it. For that u have to add my contact on MSN so that I'll give it to you directly by transfering it through internet or you need to have an e-mail mailbox, which is approximately of more than 500 mb of capacity

Here is my email: You can add me and get it from me, and I suppose it will realy help you.
Nauman Pervaiz
I am lost in landscape design

I am a current masters student in landsdcape architecture from India. I saw your query on books, will send you a long list soon if you could send me your email ID. Also, I am presently looking for a good thesis topic which can be adapted as my landscape architecture thesis. Please forward your suggestions regarding this.
Monika Pillai


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