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Symbols and Signs in Islamic Architecture
This is a discussion responding to this publication in the ArchNet Digital Library: Grabar, Oleg. 1980 Symbols and Signs in Islamic Architecture. In Architecture as Symbol and Self-Identity. Jonathan G. Katz (ed). Philadelphia: Aga Khan Award for Architecture.
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Symbols and Signs in Islamic Architecture
There are three articles I have recently gone back and read, which I feel the ArchNet community would enjoy reading. I would like, if possible, to have interested members read these three articles which are about the meaning of calling architecture "Islamic". Each takes a different approach and can be seen as critiques of each other. These debates took place over twenty years ago, but are still pertinent today, especially for Muslim countries still struggling with questions of identity in a post-Colonial, post-Cold War, post 9-11 world. Please read these articles thoughtfully and post your comments here. The articles are:

1. Symbols and Signs in Islamic Architecture,
by Oleg Grabar
2. Symbolism in its Regional and Contemporary Context ,
by Dogan Kuban
3. The Islamic Environment: Can the Future Learn from the Past?,
by Fazlur Khan

Shiraz Allibhai


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