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Does the article below suggests or (maybe insiders can tell us) that the Indian architects regulations and licensure would be amended to follow international licensing and practice standards. Or does this affect only engineering


"Industry ministry wants engg out of MHRD purview

NEW DELHI: The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) fee spat has barely blown over with the ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD) heading straight into the eye of another major storm.

Stating that the MHRD may not be equipped to deal with the job, the commerce & industry ministry has identified the ministry of urban development and poverty alleviation (MUD&PA) as the nodal ministry for the regulation and licensing of the engineering profession in India, in preparation for the enforcement of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) in January 2005.

Global trade in services is valued at approximately $1.5 trillion annually, with construction and architectural services accounting for almost 65% of this. It is a requirement of the GATS that a separate and transparent mechanism be created by each member country to facilitate trade.

Besides, India��s own requirement for world class infrastructure in terms of roads, airports, ports and business, residential and township developments has made it a destination for global engineering firms, which lend its own urgency for regulation of domestic and overseas engineering professionals.

At present, Indian engineers do not require a licence to practice in the country and under the GATS, the same rules must apply to foreign professionals. The licensing of professional engineers in India will not only ensure the employment of the best talent in infrastructure projects, but also pave the way for the mutual recognition of licences between India and other countries. In this context it is felt the MHRD may not be the appropriate choice for carrying out this function as the need for the regulation of the engineering profession stems from the requirement of maintaining extremely high standards in the trade of services."
Somshankar Bose
Professional licensing in India
I am suprised that there is no reaction nor answer to this.
Mr Chauhan, who was quite enthusiatic in his participation with design and education issues nowhere around to opine on such a crucial issue..

This single news..I do not know how far ithas taken shape...can change the architecture profession for never before
Somshankar Bose


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