Landscape Architecture
Thesis topic: Landscape projects in India
Hello friends,

I am a masters student in landscape architecture. I am on the look-out for good topics that could be taken up for my thesis. The project should be an ongoing or proposed one in India, and if in Kerala it would be excellent.

Please, anybody having any suggestions please forward it. My email is
Monika Pillai
Thesis topic: Landscape projects in India
Hi Monika,

I'm in my second year of B.Arch. Actually, I don't know much about landscaping, but I want some help from you regarding landscaping, in the case of an airport in Vishakapatnam. If you can give me some assistance that will be great and nice of you.

Meenu Birla
Thesis topic: Landscape projects in India
There are two important landscape projects in India that would be worth exploring in order to narrow down your search. These are:

System of Landscaped Areas in Delhi
Humayun's Tomb Garden Revitalisation

One is a large scale urban scale landscape and urban design project, the other a research process into a historical site on a much smaller scale. Both are important, but take different approaches.
Shiraz Allibhai
Thesis topic: Landscape projects in India
Being a masters student i feel it is all the more imperative that your mind thinks beyond a set program or a project brief and extends itself into redefining the environs around you. that should become a point of departure to ultimately recognize the need, the nature and the type for any thoughtful intervention be it through landscape or otherwise. ambiguity and confoundedness at other levels may be accepted but certainly not at such an oppurtuned moment of programming the content and the nature of a graduate thesis. all the very best.
Kush Patel
Thesis topic: Landscape projects in India
Karan Grover and Associates with lcd. of Illinois University, USA, has started a very big landscape project for a UNESCO approved heritage site at Champaner in India. Contact the heritage chapter in your area to reach Karan, or sms to me on 919825184937.
Dushyant Nathwani
Thesis topic: Landscape projects in India
thank u evrery one for the responses on my query.....i have selected my thesis topic and have added on a new topic in the discussion forum - Memoria design - the concepts of commemoration.......your responses to it would be valuable

monika pillai
Monika Pillai


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