Landscape Architecture
Thesis: Landscape architecture
Hi friends,

Help me for my thesis... I have decided to do landscape architecture (a park design) and I have to strengthen this, please help me.
Seetha Kumar
Thesis: Landscape architecture
What kind of park? Where? How big? Give some clue. Nobody can project thoughts randomly, build the platform, so that others can contribute.
Dushyant Nathwani
Thesis: Landscape architecture
Seetha, how about 'no'. Do some work first, and then come back with an actual proposition, proposal, or topic for discussion. Here is one for you: Design a landfill, where all irrational thesis proposals could be dumped, never to re-surface.
Shiraz Allibhai
Thesis: Landscape architecture

Thank you for requesting information. However before offering advise you must first describe a bit more about your project.

But in a generic way let me outline several notions to keep in mind. Park design is much like set design at the theatre. You are establishing a stage for life (primarily leisure) to be enjoyed.

Your design should involve four key aspects of quality spaces - proportion, gateway, pathway, and congregation space.

Your project should relate to the natural and cultural history of the location for your park.

My personal belief is that constructed parks should only be build on degraded landscapes. Places that are known as "brownfields." By doing this you will improve blighted land and creat good where healing needs to take place.

Good Luck
William Sprengnether
Thesis: Landscape architecture
Hello Seetha,

You have to first decide the type of park. Then, depending on the functionality aspect of the park, you can start categorizing the various aspects related to the park. These could be:

1. Location of park in the city/surroundings;
2. Immediate settings to analyze the edge response;
3. Components of park design;
4. Present trends in recreational open spaces;
5. Technicalities related to landscape design such as, landscape engineering, service layout, lighting, maintenance, etc.

The thing I would stress, is that you have to first structure your presentation and then collect related data and details. It will then be much easier for you to assemble your thesis.

Best of luck
Vishal Shah
Thesis: Landscape architecture
Dear Seetha

Before one decides to do a park (or any project for that matter), it is a good idea to know excatly why that project, or what is it one would like to achieve via that project. For an example, see Charles Jencks' latest project (Garden of Cosmic Speculation), in which he has tried to celebrate the complexity and choas theory (in physics) through his design.

So before you begin to decide on things, decide what you want to achive through your project... is it the utilisation of an unused/abused area within the city -wherein you could begin by identifying a problem and trying to solve it through landscape design (or, letting the landscape architecture derive from the problems you identify), or a design of a garden per se to emulate a certain idea/concept that you have. Start with this, and the project should be much more fun.

Good Luck!
Rachna Lévêque (née Gupta)
Thesis: Landscape architecture
I think you're being too vague, you have to know exactly what you want and try to narrow down your topic. You should be able to know:
-the location of the park and what surrounds it
-the community you are targeting; you might create a park but no one will use it.
-what is the purpose behind the design of that park, is it recreational, educational...?
-are there any problems related to the site or its surroundings that you want to solve, that way it will be more interesting. For example, was the site originally a quarry? an industrial area?
You can for example decide to take an abandonned factory and turn it into some recreational "park". Check Park Duisburg Nord in Germany.

Good Luck.
Dima Zogheib


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