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Come join the Pakistan Forum
Salam Friends,

I just registered here a few minutes ago; I've always liked this website for a number of reasons but mainly because of it's organization and indepth look.

I am a member of (or SSC) and we are currently looking for members for the new Pakistan Forum which has recently been made after the great increase in the number of posts from me and a few others regarding Pakistan's Urban Side. We are looking for all sorts of members but politics is a no-no! We are looking for members who want to discuss Pakistan's Urban Side; Urban Planning, Skyscrapers, and other developments.

I would highly like members from this forum to come because they seem like they have a lot of knowledge (much more than me). If you are interested I suggest you take a look at the forum. The URL is:

Please Join Today!

Asad Muhammed
Come join the Pakistan Forum
I'm curious to know how one can discuss skyscrapers, urban design and planning without going into politics...
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Come join the Pakistan Forum
Actually I didn't mean in that way; many just sign up just to talk about Kashmir, Musharraf or something else BESIDES the actual point of the forum.

Politics related to what you said is always welcomed, whether it's positive or negative.

So Join Up!
Asad Muhammed
Come join the Pakistan Forum
Dear Asad,
I would like to introduce myself as the Section Editor of an international magazine-'ARCHITECTURE +'-Architecture of a 'New World' - a 150 page quarterly magazine from Dubai. We would like to learn more about the forum kindly send me your contact mail id at Looking forward to hearing from you.
Shabina Khan


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