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Job opportunities in Dubai

I would like to know of architects in Dubai who work on projects other than the mainstream commercial projects of malls, office buildings, etc. Are there any architects who work with the traditional housing typologies there? Or anyone who does urban design projects, including mass housing?
Saritha Sudhakaran
Job opportunities in Dubai
Hi all,

Are there no such architects practising in Dubai or isn't anyone aware of them???
Saritha Sudhakaran
Job opportunities in Dubai
i am working in Sultanate of Oman ,borders of both countries meet .i have been to dubai . i am dealing with the traditional and historical buildings in Oman . Amany features of their tradational dwellings are comparable.
Arooj Ayub
Job opportunities in Dubai
yes Arooj is absolutely right,Both of thses countries have same architectural features. me too been there remain working as an architect in Dubai and Oman.
Ahmed Muhammad


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