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Architects vs. Landscape Architects
Who should dictate the overall spatial design of a new site - the architect or the landscape architect?
Gary Alden
Architects vs. Landscape Architects
Hi Gary,

The relationship between architect and landscape architect should not be considered confrontational or mutually exclusive: in other words, the conjunction used between them should not be "OR" but rather "AND." Both the architect and landscape architect share different but equally important roles in making informed, site-specific decisions about the design of a new building and its surrounding micro-environment. Both must _necessarily_ work in tandem in order to realise a sustainable, successful project. The division of labour between the two professionals allows for deeper knowledge and expertise to be shared, debated, and ultimately amalgamated into a solution that will prove harmonious and pleasurable.

Case in point: Both the landscape architect and architect need to discuss issues relating to stormwater runoff, because rain falls equally on the roof as well as the front yard. Both need to consider the overall water flow within the site, and formulate the best possible solution to mitigate (or even store) runoff.

Chikako Sassa
Architects vs. Landscape Architects
Dear Gary,

In my opinion, both party are crucial to the site planning and development process. The early initial thought by these professionals should be discussed on the table first, right?
Amierul Hamzah Puat Nelson
Architects vs. Landscape Architects
A LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT : if he has learned enough 'Spatial Design'
Archiect is given less priority because landscapes will functionalize site, not only building. Well architects must know Landscaper's ideas if he layouts the site.
Ashish Trambadia


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