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Roman heritage of Islamic irrigation, North Africa
I am interested in finding sources that talk about Roman irrigation technology that was adapted by Islamic farmers of the Middle Ages in North Africa. Do you have any suggestions?
Tim Marten
Roman heritage of Islamic irrigation, North Africa
I hope you do, but I'm not sure you'll be able to find sources that provide you with the information you require at first-hand. What makes me say this is that I've been covering a topic related to yours covering the architectural adaptation that occured in the context of the courtyard house from Roman North africa to Islamic western North Africa, and what I had to do was gather tens of sources then work on building the relationships individually and as accurately as possible. The souce on Roman housing that I was able to gain access to covered Pompeii and Herculaneum, so I depended on this primary source and backed it up by a highlight of the fact that there is a general shared "Romanness" to all Roman residences, followed by a few images from monuments in Roman Libya showing characteristic features that resemble those of Pompei and Herculaneum. A separate study of the courtyard house in Islamic North Africa, precisely in Fez, Tripoli and Algiers was undertaken, and then similarities, points of change and modifications that came under the process of adaptation were analysed. I suppose you'll have to undertake a similar task in order to cover your very interesting topic, which perhaps other members of Archnet can provide you with useful sources for.
Budoor Bukhari
Roman heritage of Islamic irrigation, North Africa
Have you tried the dissertation by Lena Johansson de Ch�teau? The title is "From Roman to native : colonialism and the archaeology of rural water management in the Maghreb" (Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient History [Institutionen f�r arkeologi och antik historia], Uppsala, Sweden, 2002).
Maria Wiseman
Roman heritage of Islamic irrigation, North Africa
Tim, Try reading "The Ten Books of architecture" by Vitruvius (an ancient roman architect). I had read this book as a Dover Publications reprint (in english). You might also like to look at the abandoned Roman city of Timgad in North Africa.
Frank John Snelling


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