Professional Practice
Money and creativity
How much does a budget affect the design process? Does it help in the creative process or does it hamper it? Does an architect become more creative with restrictions or is it best when he/she has none at all? What are your experiences and thoughts?
Abdul Basit Mukri
Money and creativity
Architecture to me is the ability to build within restricted boundaries. How well you create, marks your position as an architect and as an creator.
Arpita Ray
Money and creativity
Extreme freedom never gives a reasonable and functional design.
There should be certain restrictions, otherwise it would rather tough for the architects to design properly.

If you take Architecture as an art then you have to admit: Art is always patronized by the elits and rich people of the society. And different movements moved according to their wish. So there's a vital role of money and the rich people in art.
Mohammad Tauheed


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