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Tropical landscape architecture
I'm an M.Arch student in Thailand. Now, I'm doing a thesis, "Concepts of Designers in Tropical Landscape Architecture". In addition to searching for references for the outline of the thesis, could anyone tell me who's the professional in tropical landscape architecture? I have known that Ken Yeang is the expert in vertical landscape using the climatic disign criteria, but is there another one? And it would be very helpful if anyone could introduce me the web-sites or the books that were related to tropical landscape architecture design criterias.
Panwalai Poungshompoo
Tropical landscape architecture
I am also in need of some details on landscape in hot dry regions, from a sustainability point of view.

Eng. Usama Konbr
Usama Konbr
Tropical landscape architecture

has two articles that deal with agricultural, if I'm not mistaken, one has a small bit about the ecological balances created and lost in the agricultral revolution.
Tim Marten
Tropical landscape architecture
Dear Panwalai,

I recommend that you look at the work of William Lyman Philips (especially the book entitled Pioneer of tropical landscape architecture: William Lyman Phillips in Florida, University of Florida Press, 1997). Philips was part of the famous Olmsted Brothers landscaping firm and designed the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in 1938.

Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Max is another name you may search for, although most works will be in Portuegese.

Tan Hock Beng, an architect specializing in design for the tropics, has published a book called "Tropical Paradise" (HBI Press, New York, 2000). Another book that may be useful is Wiliam Warren's "The Tropical Garden" (Thames and Hudson, New York, 1991.)
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Tropical landscape architecture
Dear all,

Thank you for your opinions. I have checked out everythings that you guys told me and found it very helpful. Now I understand that I can't focus on Tropical landscape architecture that take place in asian country, but I have to research from every part of the world that are in tropical climate.
Panwalai Poungshompoo
Tropical landscape architecture
Dear Panwalai,
Maybe you can find the works of such architects as Tan Hock Beng, Made Wijaya, Bill Bensley and of course Burle Marx. These individuals have come out with such outstanding work in the field of tropical architecture and landscapes.
Good Luck...
Amierul Hamzah Puat Nelson


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