Landscape Architecture
Thesis: Water as a source of expression

My name is Ana Pacheco, I am a Landscape architecture student and I am researching for my final thesis. I found this website, which I believe will be a great help. My subject is "Water as source of expression". I want to talk about this, as a natural expression, and human expression. This idea was very influenced by a work I did in my second year about the Mughal Garden. I think it is an interest piece of work, but quite new and very very extensive for research. Excluding images or extra documents, I must do a work with about 100 pages. I wanted to do an analysis of how the evolution the garden and landscape had been conditioned by the influence of water, from the earlier times to the present days. There is not much compiled on the subject, and I feel a litle lost about the organization... Do you have any ideas? How should I do the organization and selection? Which gardens and landscapes are more important? Do you know sources (books, internet, projects) for me to investigate?

Thank you very much!
Ana Filomena Casado Pacheco
Thesis: Water as a source of expression
Just one more thing, don't take me wrong, I don't want anyone to do the work for me! I decided the subject myself, and I will enjoy very much doing it!!! I am just asking for help, for the research, and also because I know oriental gardens have a lot to do with this subject, and I haven't learned very deeply these subjects. My university doesn't have many books about this either, and I have to be selective to buy some, for they are very expensive. (I am just posting this because sometimes people disagree with forums for this types of purpose, but I am just asking for some lights, so I can do the research myself...)

Ana Filomena Casado Pacheco
Thesis: Water as a source of expression
Dear Ana,

You may enjoy the following publications from the ArchNet Digital Library.

Water and Architecture, the second issue of the journal Environmental Design, has twelve great articles on a variety of water structures in pleasure gardens and palaces in Spain, India, Turkey, etc.

Water and Light, Gardens East and West. A five page article from Mimar magazine, with information on Islamic gardens in Spain and India.

I suggest you also begin by studying the following:

Shalimar Gardens in Srinagar, India.
Generalife in Granada, Spain.

You may also find good leads from Prof. Rabbat's syllabus "Islamic Architecture and the Environment" in the Syllabi section of ArchNet at He has an entire session on water and architecture.

Ozgur Basak Alkan
Thesis: Water as a source of expression

Ana, my friend who happens to be a landscape architect has a few books on the topic that you mention. I will inquire with him & let you know in a couple of days. In the mean while checkout tthe following websites-

Hope it's of use to you.
Mansoor Ali
Thesis: Water as a source of expression
Hi Ana,
I couldn't believe it when i came across your message!!coz my research topic too is along very similar lines, but being an interior design student my dissertation is more of how water and spaces are integrated together. I've read a few books which I think may help you too..

'Water and Architecture'-Charles Moore
'The Landscape of Man'- Geoffrey and Susan Jellicoe

The second one talks of the evolution of landscape from the prehistoric era to the present day and will give you a breif review bout everything.

Hope this helps!!
If u wanna discuss anything more, feel free to mail me at my id:

Also, any suggestions from you that could help me regarding my topic are more then welcome, since u've been working on it longer then me.

Anyways, thanks and all the best
Vaishnavi Vakharia
Thesis: Water as a source of expression
Hello Ana,

you could refer to the book 2. Water in Landscape Architecture, Campbell, Craig, S., Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, 1978.i have gone through this book and hence sending u the State of the Art for the same.

State of The Art
Water in Landscape Architecture by Campbell, C. S. is a very subject specific book where the main topic of discussion is water i.e. water in its various forms of importance in landscape design. After briefing the reader on the significance of water in design, it emphasizes the chapter through the succeeding chapter �� History of Water in Design �� gives an insight into how the different civilization all over the world used water as a design element by
being in the limits of their cultural and social ideologies in addition to local constraints.

The book comes in very useful to a student like me who is trying to understand the treatment of water as a design element as in the ensuing chapters, the author talks about he conceptualization of the design with water as an element and the design and technical procedures to be adopted to achieve the desired concept in design and on ground.

The book ends with a short portrayal of some designed water features prominent at the time of the publication of the book like the Peavey Plaza, Minneapolis by landscape architects Paul Friedberg & Partners.
Monika Pillai
Thesis: Water as a source of expression
send ur thisis to me when u complet it iam also astudent of architecture
Raham Zeb


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