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Thesis: Water in the landscape
Hi, My name is Ana Pacheco, I am a landscape architecture student and I am conducting research for my thesis. I believe this website will be a great help. My subject is "water as source of expression". I want to talk about this, as a natural expression, and human expression (in landscape architecture). I think it is quite new extensive for research. I wanted to do an analyse about how the evolution the garden and landscape had been conditioned by the influence of water, from the earlier times to the present days. I feel a litle lost about the organization.

Does anyone have any ideas? How should I do the organization/selection? Which gardens and landscapes are more important? Do you know sources (books, internet, projects) for me to investigate? Thank you very much.
Ana Filomena Casado Pacheco
Thesis: Water in the landscape
Hi Ana,
You can check Al Azhar Park project in Cairo here is a photo it also have other zones showing the relation between the water and the landsacape. There are photos and text on ArchNet and you can also email me for more photos if you like. I was working there for 3 years my email is:
Yehia El Alaily
Thesis: Water in the landscape
Ana - In the ArchNet Digital Library you will find the following to be of use:

The Garden as City
Water and Architecture
Sustainable Landscape Design in Arid Climates
Al Azhar Park
Humayun's Tomb Garden Revitalisation

There are many others, but this should provide you with a good start.

Shiraz Allibhai
Thesis: Water in the landscape
Thank you very much! I'm so sorry for my late answer, I've been in lisbon researching, so I've been very busy in libraries! I am thankfull for your help, if I have any question, during the development of the work, I know I can come here! Thanks,
Ana Filomena Casado Pacheco
Thesis: Water in the landscape
Hi Ana,
I designed an underground museum, I made the roof of it a public park, and the water was a very important item in it.
You can view my files by clicking on my name. I hope they help you.
Ibrahim Karsou
Thesis: Water in the landscape
Dear Ana,

There's a thesis, "Water in landscape of Thailand" by Kosit Isariyawongsee, BLA (Chula), MLA (Chula). I think he might help you. I'm giving you his email which is

By-the-way, I'm doing my thesis, "Concepts of Designers in Tropical Landscape Architecture", too. Hope you have an A+. :)
Panwalai Poungshompoo
Thesis: Water in the landscape
Salaam Anna,

Well, it would be very helpful for you if you study some of Mughal architecture and their landscape, in which water is always a very big element of design. If you want some info on the Mughal architecture in Lahore, I can send it to you.
A Asif
Thesis: Water in the landscape

Since the ancient times, human beings have been trying to create heaven on earth and water is one of the element that been used to represent this. (The Koran continually states that heaven is a garden with running water; from this perspective, the Alhambra is clearly a Moorish attempt to create heaven on earth.)

Apart from that, the Chinese garden use water as a balance of nature to the building. Fengshui, a special Chinese tradition in architecture, usually links the whole process from site selection, designing, construction and interior and exterior decorating in ancient times.

Feng Shui combined the elements of heaven, earth and human and it lead to natural balance and harmony between site, orientation, building and human fate. Feng shui, the philosophy of Taoism and Confucious, and the interpretation of Koran might be useful in your research about this thesis.
Azfar Yusof
Thesis: Water in the landscape
I am also doing my thesis on similar issues. I am looking into water as a medium of expression. I have started with my research, and it would be great if you can point me to further sources of information regarding this issue.
Sowmya Raju


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