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Globalization and postmodernism in architecture
Are globalization and postmodernism interrelated? Are there any buildings that reflect globalization physically?
Sitwat Saeed
Globalization and postmodernism in architecture

Yes, There is a saying "The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

Globalization literally means the disintegration of cultures worldwide and replacement by a degraded universal pop-culture. Post Modernism is merely a symptom of the disease.

As for buildings which reflect this disease, the "International style" was designed to psychologically manipulate (aka "socially re-engineer") the whole world and is therefore in architectural terms the source of the disease.
Frank John Snelling
Globalization and postmodernism in architecture
I agree with John.

Allow me to quote the Portuguese Pedro Brandao & Vanda Vilela, on an essay written 2 years after the Expo '98, (Lisbon). Brandao is an architect and part of the Portuguese Center of Design - Centro Portugues de Design. Vilela is an artist working mainly with public spaces.

"Portugal has become in recent years a very opened country. The easier diffusion of models, accessibility and mobility, has brought signs of an ever-increasing "global landscape" - simplification (resulting in a restricted, ever-present range of components), reduction (elimination of specific or "typical"), standardisation (referring to a model, repeatable), dislocation (indifferent to the context, virtual)."

Note how they define "global landscape".
Ana Boa-Ventura
Globalization and postmodernism in architecture
Thank you Ana,

Your words remind me of the phrase I coined to describe the way sameness the world over is rapidly replacing the natural quality of difference...

..."Unnecessary Universal Uniformity" (UUU) or maybe you prefer "Universal Interchangeability"? Standardisation if continued will reduce the 'Quality of Difference' to ZERO and the fact that this will mean the complete destruction of cultural difference is ignored...

...The good news is that as fast as a traditional culture is destroyed by these zealots it is replaced by sub-cultures. Long Live Difference. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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