Landscape Architecture
Doha Corniche Harbour
Does anyone have any ideas about the construction of Martha Schwartz Competition entry for Doha.

Construction by floating concrete pontoons??

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Kind Regards, andrew furness.
Andrew Furness
Doha Corniche Harbour
There shouldn't be too much of a problem constructing the sea-based elements of the works in theory. Although the bay is not deep there is sufficient water to float construction barges in. Where the work would be serviced from seems problematic and I would have been interested to see on the slides how that is to be effected.
I would also be interested to learn what work went into dealing with the water flows in the bay and the effect of the works on scouring and the like.
There are likely to be many other problems with this scheme, as with the others...
John Lockerbie


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