Landscape Architecture
Eco-tourism or Eco(nomic)-terrorism
Historic Landscape of Hampi is a wellknown site. Recently in name of tourism a huge commercial complex with 140 shops, 4 restaurents and huge transportation junction is being constructed right in the heart of the landscape.
I want your views about man's insensitive intervention done for short term economic gains on very naturo-cultural landscape which is on papers called modernization.
Ashish Trambadia
Eco-tourism or Eco(nomic)-terrorism
to give you an idea, the building's site is 43550 sq meter in area. the proposal includes huge commercial complex, a modern OAT(which lies unused in every urban parks!!!) parking lots and also road apporaching the site.

the work was stopped once by UNESCO. which again now has started.
Ashish Trambadia
Eco-tourism or Eco(nomic)-terrorism
hi ashish,
i am really worried by what you are saying! is this structure coming up right in middle of hampi? could you please let us know the exact location of the structure. the size of the whole development scares me. i think everyone should have the right to know the details of the building, its whereabouts and its architecture.
i hope sanity prevails and heritage sites are conserved in a proper manner.
Vishwanath Kashikar
Eco-tourism or Eco(nomic)-terrorism
Well modern man has no freedom to de-face such great heritage, if anybody does they are terrorist, no doubt about it. Plug them/eliminate them, it is not crime.
Dushyant Nathwani
Eco-tourism or Eco(nomic)-terrorism
its really saddening to know that a site knon for its cultural heritage worldwide is being neglected and corporate world is trying to heavy their pockets even at expense of this architecture marvel
Gaurav Aggarwal


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