Professional Practice
Design & music
did you notice the effect of what kind of music
you listen to on your design..?
if so ..plz illustrate.
Mohannad Fareid
Design & music
the music is usually chairing and joy full. Fast infact to catalise the emotions.
Muhammed Atif Shaikh
Design & music
well, mainly i listen to pink floyd ,the slow ones ...they create an imaginative background ...and while finishing up the presentations ,any thing fast will do !!!........but really i can't work with no music!!
Essam Abdul-Aal
Design & music
With me its like so that I like to listen to Heavy metal or rock but enigma is the one I like the best for my designs as the music is extraordinary and in the same way it helps me to bring uniqueness in my design.
I do believe that music do plays a role in design solutions.
Aasim Tufail
Design & music
Music...let's just say it feeds design. I am seldom consciously listening when doing my work, but I find anything free of audibly clear lyrics helps. It frees my mind to fill in the blanks, as memory plays no part when listening to such pieces. I love Minimalist music, especially by Pro(xy). Plus, Air's The Virgin Suicides- The Original Motion Picture Score. Both have deep clear notes that generally hypnotise me to work, work, work, and work!
Zaihan Kariyani
Design & music
listining to music while designing,can at best, disturb disturb me.i cant really think hard about what i do and listen music at the same time.however,music serves as an excellent conceptual departure in the design inspires.
Venkatapathiraju Pusapati
Design & music
Um Kalthoum is best for design, especially during long tedious overnights, it has the power to continously energize you. Anything else is second best, I believe. For writing, absolute silence remains the best.
However, my design work has been consistant irrespective of my changing musical preferences, I think.
Marwan Ghandour
Design & music
Recently, I was designing a demonstration project of an Ecolodge (ecofriendly tourist facility) in the Red Sea, for the Egyptian Tourism Development Authority. The music had a tremendous impact on what I was doing. I was listening to Island Music. It is a kind of African Music inspired by the Reggae and the Carribean Music. I could not stop listening to Dennis Brown, Salif Keita, and Gregory Isaak. Perhaps the type of music you are listening to is associated with the type of the project you are developing. I sometimes like to listen to the new RAI music. I am sure some are familiar of this type, it is a kind of north African mixed with Mediterranean rythms.

For writing, I agree with you Marwan silence sometimes is needed, but sometimes creates boredom. In some cases I just listen to the sixties music, But never OM Kelthum
Ashraf Salama
Design & music
Music alone of all arts helps us live within ourselves, isn't that true. Its the translation of existence.

Its scintillating always, but that doesn't mean that if you listen to good music, your design would be good.
Sudarshan Krishnan
Design & music
music contribute in the design process. personally the music i enjoy while designing is basically the pink floyd. i believe they are the only group who was able to induce the notion of space in pop music.
Paul Moawad
Design & music
music contributes in the design process. personally the music i enjoy while designing is basically the pink floyd. i believe they are the only group who was able to induce the notion of space in pop music.
Paul Moawad
Design & music
Nothing inspires an integrated architectural design like Om-Kalthoum, listening to this music, understanding the lyrics and sensing her performance open the heart and mind and fills the soul with optimistic thoughts of one's capabilities to do something that is realy CORRECT as well as BEAUTIFUL.
Heba Safey Eldeen
Design & music
If sounds of nature are considered as music, then they certainly contribute
in my design process.

The sound of wind, water streams, birds, leaves on trees combined is an
orchestra to my ears that gives me inspiration of ideas and solutions to
design problems.

I 'hear' music of children playing comes out from the schools I designed,
jazz from the cafe I draw, call for prayer from the minaret of a mosque drawn,
rain drops at the roof tiles I choose for the houses I built.

In many instances, I tried to control sound and make sure unnecessary sound
comes in to a certain rooms. (depends on the budged though)

I also can listen to the music a windmill produces, from a factory, etc.

Music is not just inspirational to the design process but also a part of our

By the way, most if not all Pink Floyd members had Architectural education
M. R. Romandi
Design & music
Music in terms of soft melodious tunes really helps increase the work-speed (drafting or model-making, etc), but while designing, the atmosphere should be extremely calm and quiet... so I guess if I listen to any kind of music while designing... I would end up with something which is not satisfactory at all!
Rashida Bashir
Design & music
music is an art creation.
when you design,you creat space..
since architecture is the mother of all arts,
then it's influenced by any art's creation.
the most in emotion is music...what i call
Kareem Nasser
Design & music

Just wanted to thank all of you who replyied back to my Question

it seems to me that there is no actual separation between all sorts of Art in the mind of an Artist

it doesnt seem to matter what exactly the musical taste is but it is always quite energetic i guess we all create energy through our work

PS its my birthday :)

lovely reciving your emails
Mohannad Fareid
Design & music
Archiraz Aliskandari
Design & music
It's all about the rythem that counts in any work. as far as design and music is concerned, which i believe goes together. what it takes when u work, u need a rythem in it. and what brings rythem is a profound music that makes u feel floating in a space, where you and your mileu makes contrast giving an ideas and later execute it in your design.
Muhammed Ali
Design & music
Like Shakespeare said "if music be the food of love play it more", so likewise if my design is my love then i can do wonders with music. My experience with deign has been with pure jazz music, nowdays Nora Jones is the name for me, her music has something that makes me want to think more.
Dorji Bhutia
Design & music
Music has the power to sink into ones soul and unlock in the mind that which is supressed (as all arts). A mind needs constant change to feel alive and a stimulator such as music keeps one
self feeling new emotions and therefore new ideas continue to form in the presence of music.
Hammad Anees
Design & music
i think design is a work of passion, emotion, and excitement, and music has this capacity to provoke those sense. with different rythem and spacing in the music, i can get different results. i suppose one can predict the design style of a person from the music they listen to.
Allahyar Raza
Design & music
Allahyar, I think we need to be cautious of making generalizations on stylistic relations between music and architecture. In fact, even though many architects may have established a recognizable "style," I think architecture, being so dependent on unique factors which vary from building to building such as program, site, climate, etc. which help dictate form and materials, should not be limited to, or discussed, in terms of a particular style.

Also, your comment on rhythm and spacing in music brings to mind the interesting topic of the relation between music and geometry, especially as seen in Renaissance architecture, as influenced by Platonic and Pythagorean thought. Such relations are based on ideas that cosmic order can be made intelligible by certain numbers/ratios, which can be translated geometrically in form, as a reflection of the cosmos, as well as harmonically in music. If you are interested, these ideas are discussed in depth in the remarkable book by Rudolf Wittkower titled "Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism." Another book in the Pamphlet Architetecture series, which I have not read, titled "Architecture as a Translation of Music," also discusses the relation between music and architecture. Regards.
Sophia Khan
Design & music
I would like to set a piano on fire and use the ashes to create floor plans and sections. This would seem to me the best example of musically inspired design.
Shiraz Allibhai
Design & music
I want to strangle an old lady in a concert hall to feel the force
Nhat Kalfazade
Design & music
music really makes me move. it gives me a feel for space it helps me to move in various dimenssions. it let me to breakout from the medium to work free. it have life in it a life without any boundries.
Ahmed Ali
Design & music
well, can't help but to remember my Final project at school, when I was getting excited listening to U2 while I was inking my floor plan.
of course it has been 3 nights with few hours of sleep, 20 plus cups of Coffee and OOOPPPSSS. Coffee all over the plan.
the Jury did not buy that this was the latest in presentation technology ,coffee stains on black ink that is.
but I managed to pass.
so my lesson was, if you want to enjoy music jumping around, keep the coffee away.
Basem Hammami
Design & music
as far as myself, design and music are concerned...i always give preference to music which my heart likes and give me confidence and push to work further
so usually i listen to cradle of filth, type o negative and nirvana...when ever i do designing for my academic proojects..
and it just keep on shaking my whole body and mind and i keep on working for long hours
without music there is no life i believe that
and without life one can;t exist.
so music is the indespensable part of our life
so just listen to music u like
then u will realise the difference in ur design
rock rule
and design proceeds to eternity
Mukesh Butail
Design & music
i just boot up pcdj and set it to auto play and let it run through the hard drive with 13,680 songs on it. gotta be someting good there. i've been djing for 22 years at night and drawing by day. shawn philips for the skeleton and loreena mckennit for the skin.
Paul Korkames
Design & music
In fact the music is the Twin of the design proccess along its stages but the kind of music don't affect the type of the architecture produced at all but it affect the rate of reaching the optimum solution ...this with me
Shady Youssef
Design & music
Path of abstraction by Kandinsky, an artist who relates his pieces to music. He minimalised his painting method to simply a harmony. Imagine, from a opera of 23 instruments to a single harmony on the piano.

Architects like Daniel Libeskind was a musician before architect.

Music is the inspiration
- music is in the soul...
Maya Sanskrit
Design & music
insrumental symphonies from any culture.
Dushyant Nathwani
Design & music
yes, the effect of music is mesmerizing.
.it has an effect on your soul
Affan Ahmed
Design & music
classical music puts you in a hypnotic trance... indie-underground music puts your mind in an urban playground.
Delee Deib
Design & music
music is about rhythm...

rhythm is about tempo...

tempo is about TIME...

Time is the music of life...
Maya Sanskrit
Design & music
I listen to music which has depth in it while designing. New age, symphonic rock, jazz and classical music are my favorites.

Usually my designs have been affected by music I had listened to while designing it. (E.g. I have listened Tales from Topographic Oceans of Yes, and Dark Side of the Moon of Pink Floyd while I designed the building in the image-an Olympic swimming pool building in Golcuk-Turkey).
(For details of my music preferences;

Feyyaz Aysoy
Design & music
Sometimes music makes people cry because people try to relate themselves to the situations created by the music. In addition, music inspires us, and this inspiration is either shown in our designs or paintings.

According to me, music plays a very important role in our creativity and motivates us to do things which are considered to be impossible.
Asma Asghar
Design & music
Architecture is the real fancy; you try as a designer to make the invisible visible
The same thing in music, it can makes you see invisible values
It all about fancy
Noha Mohsen
Design & music
When you design something, obviously you use your imagination. And music helps that to finding out all those different images in your mind.
Aylin Akbas
Design & music
"If music be the food of love, play on".
Frank John Snelling
Design & music
Music is relected in how you feel in that given sends you into a different time (period). Music sends your mind to another "place."
Delee Deib
Design & music
Bringing that place in new design if music helps it is fine.

To me rhythm helps in untying ideas,
getting new equations in space,
new solution in geomancy of emerging bldg.
Flow in space organisation, etc.
Dushyant Nathwani
Design & music
When creating art, I tend to sway from emotion to emotion....I find myself vulnerable to world music. Jazz, Opera, Classical to Pink Floyd, The Doors and Zakir Hussain's Tabla. World music adds colour to my work, as the appreciation of another language consumes as an expression in my art. I cannot 'create' without music....!
Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
Design & music
Quote: "did you notice the effect of what kind of music you listen to on your design..? if so ..plz illustrate." I haven't thought about this before, but as you mentioned it i started thinking - and you have a great point there. Music DOES influence my work a lot: I listen to modern classical music and minimalist pop. Examples: Phillip Glass, Michael Nyman, Laurie Anderson etc. This music is composed of many repetitions of similar chord struyctures, with slow gradual evolving from one structure to another. I checked recent workd of mine. Seems like designs that i did while listening to this kind of music are themselves composed of many repetitions of the same subject, with gradual change from one to another. Wow! Another thing is, i started learning to play the guitar (from these guitar lessons i found on the net ). Seems like ideas i had while playing the guitar or having guitar lessons found their way into some of my recent works. Surprisingly, music influences my work a lot. Wasn't really aware of it till now.
John DeBroin
Design & music
One interesting founding in music, which influenced the theory of Generative systems - is pioneer/ explored by John Cage.

His finding were known as `chance music' / aleotoric music - which later evolve into `purposeless play' which does not attempt to bring order out of chaos, nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply let it act of it's own accord. which is also known as generative music.

This influenced the idea of self-generative systems into formation of architectural form and etc. Researchers from the AA, like John Frazer and etc or Plotegg Manfred Wolff are opting to such progression in finding/ generating architecture.
Maya Sanskrit
Design & music
Hi friends,

This is one exercise that we used to do in Basic Design. We used to tie a band to our eyes, take a pencil and paper in hand, and play some music. Leave the hand loose, move it as freely as it would, without applying any pressure willingly, draw and make compositions on the paper and analyse it later. It was really interesting.
Softer music used to result in mostly curved lines in the composition, and fast music made dynamic compositions.
All of you should try it once...
It's awesome to analyse later, how different genres of music arouse different waves and effects on the human emotions and body!
Sonika Kulkarni


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