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What are architects for?
What are Architects for?

Please answer this question in few words.
Mian M. Naseer
What are architects for?
They are for understanding the clients requirements, liasing with them, with project manager and government planners(for legal considerations) to assemble buildings bearing in mind factors such as local culture, environment.
Architects may also be responsible to include in their works, the thoughts on their clients requests for any esoteric meaning to be encapsulated in the building so that the finished product, the physical structure reflects that spirit for eg in the Taj Mahal.
Nizar Jafferbhoy
What are architects for?
Architects are here to build a better environment-better physical environment.
Rajesh Kumar
What are architects for?
Designers design, draftsmen drafts, manufacturers provide all the details, engineers solve structural, mechanical, HVAC, acoustic and electronic problems, quantity surveyors mange cost and contract, contractors subcontract to the subcontractors...

Architects are just to sign drawings to be submitted to the local authorities for approval.
Wan Burhanuddin
What are architects for?
The primary concern of architects is to produce three dimensional space and form to accommodate related human activities. It is to create environments that support, enhance, and celebrate these activities. ...
Ashraf Salama
What are architects for?
Evidently, the field of architecture is a multitude of role models that are built around different professional attitudes, value systems and different architectural tasks. In a conceptual/rational study I have made in 1994, based on the Eastern and Western Literature, there are five role models that can be conceived:

- The Egoist who says I give the people what I want.
- The Pragmatist who says I give the people what they want.
- The facilitator who says I will not solve people's problems, but my role is to create a process that enables people to solve their own problems.
- The Technical Assistance Giver who attempts to be responsive to the powerless and the poor by being accessible and affordable
- The Advocate who serves the community within their political interests at the expense of the broader public purposes.

More discussion on this issue can be found in my book: NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION: DESIGNING THE DESIGN STUDIO (1995). If you are interested in this, please let me know and send me your full contact so that I can send it to you.
Ashraf Salama
What are architects for?
As Gandhi was the Architect of Modern India, the Architect should be Gandhi of the modern society...
Ragaei Abdelfattah
What are architects for?
Architects make the history of a nation visible.
Mervat El-Shafie
What are architects for?
Community is the main concern for the architect.Through them he discovers their needs,potentials & problems.Combining these aspects together & with the community taking role into the work,the architect reaches the optimum solution "a productive & self sufficient community".
Hatem Khalil,Cairo,Egypt.
Hatem Khalil Abdel Khalek
What are architects for?
Architects are the educated as to what it takes to make buildings - but then they can make them or talk about them.
Marwan Ghandour
What are architects for?
On a basic level, [for: as how he/she fuctions] they design built forms.
Further more they comment, express, impose, react to ....theories, ideolgies...using their products.

On the other hand, [for: as how supposed to function]

God knows.
Mazen Dana
What are architects for?
an architect acts as a "shrink" of space.
Paul Moawad
What are architects for?
designing a balance built enviroment..between man /nature and man/ALLAH
Archiraz Aliskandari
What are architects for?
What are architects for? Well, they designed buildings, and smile to it either it is a success or a failure.
Amierul Hamzah Puat Nelson
What are architects for?
architects are here to educate non architects
isn't a stupid question deserves a stupid answer......
Cezanne Naqsh
What are architects for?
Architects are to ratioanlize a given space technically and aesthetically satisfying user reqirements to best of their relevance.
Syed Arif Shah
What are architects for?
architects are for 1 _answer the questions of society {past & present } 2_question about answers of society {future }
Keykavoos Amini
What are architects for?
The architects are to make the livings betterly liveable, transfer the ideas of the client into reality and create the heaven of the mind of the client on the earth. It is surely an architect who can make the world a paradise.
Ashiq Ali N. Ali
What are architects for?
I am a Civil Engineer but I believe that A/E have similar responsibilities to the communities in which they work. There are ethical obligations, environmental ones, design criteria and esthetics to consider. Ethically we are obligated to give back to our communities through organizations as EWB or volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Environmentally we as professionals need to consider sustainability and proper disposal of hazardous materials procedures. Furthermore, design of structures should be done in parallel to a thorough environmental impact analysis. Personally, believe that function is beauty and in form lies function. As such I believe that a responsible engineer and or architect considers the function and realizes that the goal is efficiency- in proper form beauty will emerge. Lastly ��esthetics. In my mind this is reached when the A/E is able to process the environment, culture and essence of the area and community in which he/she is adding infrastructure. We must be aware of the lasting physiological impact structures have and we must not use architecture as a sub-conscience way to manipulate peoples with varying ideologies.
Amy Eman Moselhi


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