Landscape Architecture
Universities in India
Can anybody tell me which Universities in India are offering masters in Landscape architecture/Environmental Planning.
Shashikala Mothe
Universities in India
School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, as well as CEPT, Ahmedabad offer courses in both Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. You may google to find out more about other universities/colleges.
Shubhru Gupta
Universities in India
School of Architecture and Planning at Anna University in Chennai offers masters degree in landscape architecture. I don't think it offers environmental planning, though...

Best of luck!!!
Sangeetha Priya
Universities in India
'CEPT University' in Ahmedabad has both the programs: Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning as Graduate Studies in the School of Architecture and the School of Planning respectively. Besides, as already mentioned, SPA-Delhi and SAP-Chennai has one or both of the courses that interest you.
Kush Patel
Universities in India
Thanks to you all. It was the exact information that I wanted.
Shashikala Mothe
Universities in India
Do go through the information on IIT Roorkee Department of Architecture.
Anant Tankha


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