Landscape Architecture
Elements of architectural landscaping
What elements one should include in landscaping?

For instance, when considering a monument like Humayun's Tomb?

How does landscape relate to architecture? Can anyone provide me information on this?
Payal Kapoor
Elements of architectural landscaping
Please, I have my first semester of landscape and need a bit help from all of you people. I'll be glad if you can provide an answer to my question...
Payal Kapoor
Elements of architectural landscaping
Humayun's Tomb is a heritage site, so, first understand the "do's" and "dont's". Historically, Mughal gardens in Kashmir, such as Nishant Baug, use water, certain plant formations, channels, pathways, fountains, pavilions etc.

It is difficult to say you do this at Humayun's Tomb. You should consult somebody who has experience so that you ground your concepts well. Good-luck.
Dushyant Nathwani
Elements of architectural landscaping
You would be doing a lot good to yourself if you begin to see both landscape and architecture as constructs in space, and both in many an instance natural and man-made.

Towards the same, if you are familiar with the language of architecture and emphasize upon aspects of scale, proportion, ideational intent, material, geometry, and organization, then it would begin to translate in the form of either soft or hard landscape or both, the plant material most apt, its form and its degree of enclosure vis-à-vis the scale and the presence of the historical edifice in question.

The idea here becomes all the more enriched as their pre-exisits an 'architectural wonder'. Hence, to create a setting that can accentuate the monument, or regard the latter as just another polarity in space and thus to create an environment that becomes a world in itself. The ideational basis has to be most clear and towards realizing it, one begins to use landform, plant material, the organizational attributes, and the elemental characteristics to redefine the larger setting.

The exploration has just begun. All the very best,
Kush Patel
Elements of architectural landscaping
Thanks Mr. Dushyant and Mr. Kush for providing insight...

Last time when I went to the monument humayun's tomb, I was seeing landscape a bit seperately... Now I think I need to reconsider what all info I have gathered. Even the landscape looks more beautiful with the presence of such an architectural marvel. So I think both are interdependent at a level.

I would be looking forward for more information anyone would like to provide, especially I think to the point of scale and enclosure. Mr. Kush, you gave me a new dimension to think about, which I was missing in a certain sense, though I looked at the scale aspect. Thanks,
Payal Kapoor


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