ArchNet Publications
IJAR, vol. 3- Issue 1: Historical Conceptions of a Healthy City: The Greek Paradigm 1
Islamic Architecture in Cairo: An Introduction 2
Modernity and Community: Architecture in the Islamic World 2
Historical Evolution of the Courtyard in Architecture 5
Open Space, Water and Trees in Ottoman Urban Culture in the XVIIIth - XIXth Centuries 1
The Diplomatic Quarter and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Staff Housing Project, Riyadh 2
Zanzibar: a Plan for the Historic Stone Town 1
history of construction in Rwanda 0
Islamic Star Patterns 4
Bibliography [New Trends in Architectural Education: Designing the Design Studio] 1
The History and Fate of al-Darb al-Ahmar 1
Singapore: Reuter's House 1
Historical references and contemporary design 3
Architectural Heritage in Kosovo: A Post-War Report 9
Introduction to Crisis in the Built Environment: The Case of the Muslim City 7
Pondok Pesantren Pabelan 2
Charles Boccara of Morocco 1
The Mosque of Muhammad 'Ali in Cairo 3
Current Islam Faces its Tradition 2
Spirit Houses 1
Sultan Qaboos University 2
Islamic Architecture and the Poor People of Islam 1
Agriculture and the Timurid Chaharbagh: The Evidence from a Medieval Persian Agricultural Manual 3
Islamic Architecture: A Debate in Seven Parts 4
Creswell and the Origins of the Minaret 2
Subjects for master degree in architecture 2
Conservation-Based Cultural, Environmental, and Economic Development: The Case of the Walled City of Fez 10
Symbols and Signs in Islamic Architecture 1
Frei Otto's New Work 2
Designs for Low-Cost Housing: Presentations in Workshop 3 1
Traditional building techniques in Fes 2
King Abdul Aziz University, Mecca 1
Challenging the Past: Sinan and the Competitive Discourse of Early-modern Islamic Architecture 1
The Architect of Domed Mosques as a Master of Pluralism 1
Symbolic Meanings of Garden in Mosque Architecture 1
A.A.R.P. Environmental Design: Journal of the Islamic Environmental Design Research Center 1
Architectural Education Today: Cross-Cultural Perspectives 1
The Popular Architecture of Haiti 1
Apprendre du chantier: Le Bastion 23 et la Citadelle de la Casbah 1
Turkey: Foam Domes 1
The Citadel of Cairo 4
The Art of Building 1
Liveability in Old Dhaka: Evolving Residential Patterns in Mohallas 1
Challenging the Past: Sinan and the Competitive Discourse of Early-modern Islamic Architecture 1
Maidan-I-Shah 1
Slum Networking of Indore City 4
Gardens in the Desert: A Landscape Architect in Saudi Arabia 1


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