Building Technology
CLC blocks 4
research center of architecture 5
Tensegrity spaceframe 2
Solar Architecture 5
Aesthetical appreciation of vernacular architecture 4
why use clc light weight bricks in construction? 1
exposed brickwork 4
grading 1
Roofing 14
media facade 1
Public Housing funded through the sale of RE 2
moladi 0
Lightweight structures 4
Has asbestos been banned as a building material in your country? 2
sustainable individual house 4
executing design concept 2
glass as the only load bearing structure 1
environment 2
Wind Turbines 2
Insulation in Roofs and Walls 2
Conversion architecture 0
weeping plaster 4
glass flooring 2
parking complex 2
roof for cob construction 12
constructing domes for church 0
The right moment and the right place 2
Non-Concrete foundations 2
the (modern materials) construction ways!! 2
alternative building materials 7
Chinese pavilion roof construction. 4
Handmade ceramic roof tiles 0
double skin facsde 1
advanced structures 0
Thesis: Pneumatic Stabillized Platform Airport (Floating Airport) 2
Quality 1
Molasis 4
mud "tholos" domes 3
Prefab in India 1
Dhajji Dewari 1
egg shaped auditorium + glass reinforced plastic 0
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans 8
Tensile Membrane 3
sustaining mud architecture for savanna climate 1
BOQ for typical VILLA in Dubai 0
Architectural Restoration 0
Natural ventilation in it bldgs 13
Estimation of Steel for a house construction 2
info abt laterite construction in india (maharashtra) and in general 0
Pre-fabricated RCC walls 3
The Relevance of Traditional Building 1
Disadvantages of using skylights 2
Ice as a natural building material 2
The Old New Building Methods 1
Structure and building 3
Solar energy 3
Electromagnetic levitation: buildings? 1
Construction methods 0
Glass in architecture 2
Geoffrey Bawa's polished concrete floors 1
The pyramids 7
Cold storage, technical specifications 1
Exposed brickwork 10
Building materials for Malaysia 1
Soil re-use 1
Coastal zones: design considerations 1
Low-cost housing methods 1
Rat trap bond 8
Prefab steel vs. wood joists, trusses, studs 2
Rat trap bond brick wall 3
Addition above load bearing walls 8
Global warming: underwater structures? 16
Disaster mitigation center, Andaman Islands 0
Materials for a round structure 1
Japanese roof details 3
Construction and architects 5
Modular construction 5
Pedestrian bridge 0
Thesis: Natural cooling 6
Spaces under seats in stadiums 1
The strange stones of Enez 2
Accoustics of an auditorium 0
Structural dynamism in architecture 3
Bioclimatic housing 2
Sustainable low-cost dwellings 14
The future of high-rise construction 0
What came before concrete? 3
Rubber dams 1
Alternative building materials 18
Auditorium design 0
Door and window lintels in Turkey? 7
Non-load-bearing brick in Turkey? 2
Downloadable "blocks" 1
Post-construction strengthening 4
Technology in architecture 3
Building with stones 1
Response to coastal conditions 1


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